4 reasons that your smartphone battery only works for a day, not a week

4 reasons that your smartphone battery only works for a day, not a week

Smartphone users have a constant problem that always needs to be solved even after downloading the best smartphone. This is because after a while, the battery life of the smartphone starts to shrink and it will try to work one day (all day).

The battery life of today’s smartphones is surprisingly long, but as you continue to use, you will notice that the battery life will gradually shorten. In addition, smartphone manufacturers do not simplify everything because users do not have easy access to their battery. This makes replacing these batteries a difficult task after reaching the end of their life.

This is why your smartphone battery runs one day instead of weeks, and what you can do to improve it.

Always charge your smartphone battery

Smartphone makers say that after 400 charging cycles, the battery degrades or begins to deteriorate by about 20%. The charge cycle ranges from 0% to 100% of battery life. For example, charging a smartphone from 50% to 100% twice gives a full charge cycle.

To prevent the battery from rapidly falling to levels that take up more days, you need to slow down the charging cycle of your smartphone.

Too many applications running at one time

Smartphones understand what is desirable for multitasking. This is one of the reasons we initially decided to use a smartphone. This is great, but running multiple apps at the same time can shorten your smartphone’s battery life. We recommend that you close any programs that you do not use to conserve battery power.

There are many signs that appear when the battery is heavily used. However, this is usually smart charging for smartphones. Another solution to prevent battery discharge is to close applications that are running in the background. To do this, see the following articles:

Using a fee to pay for yourself

Using a non-smartphone charger is not a good idea. Not to mention that these chargers are very cheap, but the original smartphone charger performs the function of an adapter, converting direct current (DC) to the level needed to properly charge your smartphone. It should be noted that it is designed for . Anything that exceeds the required power and voltage puts the battery (and the device) at risk and reduces battery life faster than it should.

The screen brightness level is always very high

The smartphone screen is probably the most power consuming. Maximizing screen brightness also shortens the battery life of your smartphone. If the screen of your smartphone does not need brightness, always reduce the brightness of the screen.


In summary, battery life is natural, but smartphone batteries last at least a day or more. To do this, you need to consider setting up battery service. For this reason, follow the tips above to minimize battery drain.


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