How to enable dark mode in Deezer for Android

How to enable dark mode in Deezer for Android

Dark operations have become very popular lately, and it is not for nothing. Many mobile operating systems, such as Android and iOS, work in their own way. This, combined with the new OLED and AMOLED panels, provides a great viewing experience to improve battery life.

Deezer introduced dark mode in June and was launched by Android users. Currently available to all Android users. Just update the app. Free and premium users can access dark mode on Android devices and the Deezer website by following these simple steps:

How to enable dark mode

To turn on dark mode, go to Settings, Preview, and select Dark mode.

As stated earlier, the dark mode has several advantages. Perhaps the biggest benefits are reducing eye strain and improving readability in low light. Although dark mode is advantageous at night, some users may prefer a brighter background in the afternoon to improve reading time or to fall asleep better.

«Dark mode, the user is not only one of the most in need of the function, the function was also a personal worry. In a while to re-install a new application was I like and darkness. You, If you want to avoid the eye or style transformations you prefer, do Dark Operation Deezer for those who dare to do it, ” commented part of the dark side  , developed by Steven Tweraser, Product Manager and Deezer .


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