What is the future of Apple Connector Lightning?

What is the future of Apple Connector Lightning?

Apple zippers have been around for some time. In 2012, it was introduced as a replacement for the 30-pin connector. This was once the case for all Apple devices. IPhones, iPad, iPod and more. However, they have fallen sharply over the years as they are only available on low-end iPhones and iPads.

There are several factors that have led to this decline, and for other factors the future of the cycle is not promising.

New EU rules

New EU rules require Apple to eliminate lightning arrest

Due to its favorable position, European politicians , the   technology organization is promoting policies to make the choice of a universal payment method. They need a single charger that fits all phones, tablets, ebooks and all other mobile devices. Their reasons. Old outlets generate over 51,000 tonnes of electronic waste annually. It also makes life easier for users across Europe and around the world.

As shown in a recent iPad (2019), Apple is already slowly moving away from lightning and seems to be moving to the USB Type-C port used for MacBooks and Android smartphones. Therefore, if the rules are finally applied, it is likely that Apple will accept USB-Type-C plugs into the device in the future.

Wireless charging is the future

Recently, we have seen tech giants developing more products to support wireless charging. The technology is still in its infancy (in some areas) and is still struggling with mass deployment, but is considered a future charger. This is because it is much easier to use. Only one cable is required to power the wireless charger, and many devices can be charged with a wireless charger.

Apple has tested the reservoirs with several devices that support wireless charging (AirPods and iPhones). However, more Apple products will be created in the future to support wireless charging.

Also, according to  PCmag , popular analyst Apple Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that by 2021, the iPhone will terminate ultra-fast communications , leaving the iPhone unlimited. This means that future iPhones can fully embrace wireless charging.

Do you have lightning?

Regardless of the outcome of the EU politicians’ vote, the disappearance of Apple’s lightning rod seems to be a matter of time.

And if Ming-chi Kuo’s forecasts turn out to be accurate, it will certainly increase adoption by technology companies as wireless charging technology improves.


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