Who uses a Netflix account? Here’s how to learn

Who uses a Netflix account? Here’s how to learn

Netflix may be one of the most popular streaming service providers in the world. With 500 million or more installations and approximately 150 million active subscribers, almost all Netflix  can be used virtually anywhere, phone, tablet, laptop, streaming TV service  you use .

However, the number of people using this service is huge, but not all pay for it. With one account, users can watch movies on up to four different devices at a time. Sharing login credentials is common practice even among Netflix users … and Netflix (as a company) is not interested in sharing many accounts / passwords.

If you have a Netflix account and many people share it, it’s important to keep track of who’s using it. This is for privacy reasons. Anyone with login credentials can watch the movie and have unlimited access to personal information, such as  names, credit card details, and phone numbers .

Know who uses your Netflix account, with or without your permission.

A.  Check your device’s recent streaming activity

Mobile app, touch “1. Details are in the menu below” and “Select account

2. In the “Settings” section, select ” Recent device streaming” .

Also , your open is simple, you can click on this link  from the activity page in the  last device .

This will open a page displaying the devices that were recently used in your account and the locations and IPs used in your account.

If you find an unusual or strange device or location in the list, check the following:

  1. Netflix password for changes
  2. Here the access log of all the devices  you have . Shutting down all devices takes a long time (about 8 hours), but over time. The user is also prompted to sign in with a new password.

If you have previously shared your Netflix account credentials but have lost the information you provided, this is a great way to keep your account secure and private.


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